Residence Life


Residence Life at Western Colorado University promotes the well-being of on-campus residents by fostering academic growth and personal success in a safe and inclusive living environment.  Residence Life has a curriculum model, and our educational priority is to elevate students living on campus to become responsible, empowered and actively engaged members of Western’s inclusive community.


Residence Life Core Values 

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黄网站色视频免费_视频大全_高清在线观看Learning Goals

We hope that by living on campus, students will learn and develop in the following five areas.

Practical life skills:黄网站色视频免费_视频大全_高清在线观看 A student's ability to develop skills that enable them to live (independently and cooperatively with others) a productive life.

Personal well-being: A student's ability to establish and maintain their physical and mental well-being.

Interpersonal engagement: A student's commitment and ability to develop healthy, respectful and collaborative relationships with others. 

Civic engagement: A student’s potential to impact positively their surrounding environment via civic duties and responsibilities.

Academic curiosity and success:黄网站色视频免费_视频大全_高清在线观看 Exploring learning strategies, academic interests, and skills necessary to succeed.


黄网站色视频免费_视频大全_高清在线观看Diversity Statement

黄网站色视频免费_视频大全_高清在线观看Residence Life at Western Colorado University is committed to establishing and maintaining an on-campus community that embraces diversity in all forms where individuals are treated with dignity and respect. In this community, all individuals are safe to express their views, to live and grow as people without fear of discrimination or prejudice, and have the right to be accepted by their neighbors, not simply tolerated.